Done is Better Than Perfect.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Done is better than perfect?" It's a motto that has been running through my head a lot lately. See, last year I had a blog. I didn't have a vision, and it was random at best. I wanted a platform to share my work but it seemed like really, I was only sharing other people's work that I was inspired by. I never really found my voice and I was stuck. So, I shut it down because being a perfectionist, I felt like anything less than that wasn't worth it. 

But today's a new day and 2016 is a new year and this is a new blog. I'm going to stop worrying about perfection, what other people will think, and care more about having fun and documenting my adventures.  I will share projects that I've been working on because there's been some pretty awesome opportunities lately. Like this mural "quilt" that will continue to grow upwards this spring. 

And also my husband, Nick, and I moved to an amazing house in Des Moines. We've been working our butts off on it so I'll share those projects too. 

Plus I'll get to share with you this HUGE project I have been working on for the past six months with Better Homes and Gardens called The Art Hunter. I'll tell you all about it soon like how much fun it is to make, how sweaty I get under all of the hot lights when I am hanging artwork, and where I got these blue pants (because literally everyone asks. [Okay, I'll tell just tell you now--My sister found them for me at J.Crew.])

Most importantly, I am excited to get back into blogging, to share my work with you and to hear from you. I hope you'll leave comments and we can start a community here that cares about awesome artwork and beautiful design that's affordable and attainable. I hope you'll come back and visit often. It won't be perfect, but it will be fun.