Seeing Spots


This little bathroom on the main floor was one of the very first projects we tackled. When I say little, I mean tiny--like no more than one person in this room at a time. But just because it's tiny doesn't mean it can't have big style. 

I didn't have a huge budget for the bathroom but wanted to freshen it up quite a bit. We started by smashing out two humongous towel bars that had been plastered into the wall. Since no one is bathing in this bathroom, I decided that just a small hand towel ring would do just fine. Next we replaced the sink. The old one did not have a pedestal and was barely connected to the wall so I found an inexpensive, simple set at Home Depot. 

Next was the paint. I painted a light and bright white to the walls as the base. Then after using Royal Stencils for a professional project, I decided to try them out in my home. I knew that an all-over pattern would give me the biggest impact for the least amount of money. The whole process took about four hours for just this space. I found the mirror at At Home and decided it was the right amount of modern and traditional that I had been searching for. Plus, mirrors are pretty expensive so this one fit perfectly in budget.

This little nook is one of the reasons I love old houses. It's all about the character. I like to think about if this little space had a real purpose or if it's purely decorative.  You can also see that the lines are not perfectly straight and it gives it an old but done-by-hand quality.

Although brand new, I love how the faucet looks vintage too. Here's a breakdown of the budget and the items purchased:

-Paint, Benjamin Moore Decorator's White    $40

-Sink, pedestal and faucet                               $85

-Hand Towel holder                                         $25

-Mirror                                                              $30

-Roman Shade + Grosgrain ribbon                 $60

Grand Total:                                                    $240

Not bad for a bathroom re-do. Keeping the costs low were all due to the fact that my father can replace a sink and that I was willing to do some DIY. The window treatment was the final touch and looks a lot more upscale than the blinds that were previously there. I hot-glued some grosgrain ribbon to the shade to add some color. Lately, I have been adding dusty blue or kelly green to about everything I can get my hands on. I also just spray-painted the existing feature black from the original brass.


It's also quickly become my favorite place to take selfies.

And last but not least--the artwork! The artwork is by Ella Richards. She's an amazing artist, great friend, and perfect restaurant picker. She hand cuts each of the scenes out, so you have to take a double-take on if it was drawn or not. She's also having a cyber sale on her website right now.

All in all, I am really pleased with how the bathroom refresh came together. We stayed within our budget and gave the room a huge amount of style despite the size.