Kate's Takeover // New Home.

Note from Liz:  My sister Kate will be taking over the blog today. She's a lot like me only shorter and funnier. Actually, we're really not all that alike but we do look similar. Which means if you have called me Kate or her Liz, we most likely responded, didn't correct you, and acted like we were the other one. She and her husband, Eric, just bought a new home too. So that's the backstory, now read on!


Hey party people.

My name is Kate and I am the younger, shorter, funnier version of the owner of this blog.

Liz is my artsy, talented, bossy older sister that forces me to do things like buy things on Craigslist for my new house and then write guest blog posts about it. 

Okay, she isn’t forcing me to write about my new Craigslist purchases, but she did ask me to write a post about designing the interior of my new home. When she asked me to write a post, I’m pretty sure she just wanted me to write about the ‘layman’s’ version of what it’s like to design a home. You know, like how normal people that don’t have her skills would design a home. 

First of all, how rude. 

And second of all, she’s right. I have no idea what I’m doing with designing our new home, but I have learned one very valuable lesson that I can share with all of you. 

Recently, my husband, son, baby bump, and I sold our small 2 bedroom ranch and moved into a 4 bedroom house. Yay for us, except the entire house needed a cosmetic makeover and we decided to do all the work ourselves. 

Like a bunch of idiots. 

I love the location and bones of our new house, but literally every room needed a makeover. Every wall needed to be painted, every floor needed to be refinished, every light fixture needed to be replaced, and the whole house was covered in old disgusting carpet. Ew.

And the entire process has been nothing short of overwhelming. 

But like most of the world, I have no real design skills or training in interior design. I just know what I like and I have a small idea of how I want my house to look. However, I don’t know how many feet from the wall my chairs should be in the dining room or what kind of art to get to fill the space. 

I just want to be surrounded by beautiful things. 

Unfortunately, that isn’t very helpful when actually making decisions about how I want my house to look, what furniture to buy, or what kind of wallpaper I should put in the bathroom.

So instead, I decided to first figure out how I wanted other people to feel when they walked into my home.

I want my guests to feel warm and welcomed when they come over. I want my husband to feel like it’s a place where he can relax and be taken care of (except not until the house is finished. He can’t relax yet because I need him to work day and night to get this house done). I want my kids to feel like it’s a safe, loving place where their mama is in the kitchen baking their favorite cookies. I want their friends to feel like it’s their second home.

You know, the kind of home where you would expect the hostess to say, “Bless your pea pickin’ heart” to everyone that comes over.

Of course I’m nothing like that kind of person or hostess, but I want this home to make me feel like I could be that kind of person. I want this home to make me feel like I am Reese Witherspoon welcoming people into her Southern home, wearing Draper James clothing, and mixing a signature cocktail for everyone that comes over.

But instead my home made me feel like a 90 year old man had been living their since the 80’s, so it was time for an update. 

I decided that I like the feel of a Southern home, except I wanted the design to be a bit more fancy. And more modern. Somewhere in between Reese Witherspoon and Melania Trump designing my home, with a consult from Kate Spade. 

The best example I can give is my new glam room/closet. All I knew when I started designing this room was how I wanted it to make me feel when I walked into it. 

Like a goddamn princess, obviously. 

But like Kate Middleton princess, not a Disney princess. 

*Before picture (ew)

*After pictures

I love this room. It makes me feel exactly the way I wanted it to. I mean, sure, I feel more like the shorter, chubbier version of Princess Kate Middleton when I walk into this room, but still a princess, nonetheless. 

Another example is my kitchen eating area. I wanted this area to feel homey, welcoming, a little bit southern, a little bit modern, and a little bit fancy.

*Before picture (ew)


*After picture

So my advice to all of you blog reading, Liz Lidgett stalkers is to ask yourself how you want a room or home to make you feel before designing it. Then the rest of the decor will fall into place.

And when all else fails, do what I do and call your older sister to tell you what to do. You can borrow my sister if you want. 

Bless your pea pickin’ hearts,