The Des Moines Walls Project // Exile Brewing Co.

 Artist Ben Schuh's original sketch for the mural.

Artist Ben Schuh's original sketch for the mural.

One of the most exciting things to me as an entrepreneur is to create something from nothing. That moment when where your project is complete and it's exactly as you had envisioned in your head is also why I love being an art advisor. Of course, while I am talking about things I love, let's put my city high on that list. 

When Kate was coming on board with Adore Your Walls, we decided to create a new project. After the support I received from the RoCA mural project, we felt that a program to create more murals, efficiently and affordably, would be perfect for Des Moines. So we put together a one-pager and started reaching out to companies and Exile was our first call. They had this perfect wall. What constitutes a perfect wall in my mind? Well, in good shape, has a base layer of paint, well-lit at night, and visible from many viewpoints. 

Luckily, RJ and Austin at Exile were open to the idea so started reaching out to artists. Ultimately, Ben's design above was the one chosen and it's really perfect for the space. You can see it from MLK and Fleur as you are entering the city from the airport as this perfect welcome sign. Being a brewery, we wanted to touch on the beer and biking culture in Des Moines. The statue of liberty is a nod to the Tursi's and the Exile brand. 

This was the first night of the project. Ben had created a sketch and projected it across the street onto the wall. He and an assistant used black spray paint to loosely put the design up for a sense of scale and proportion as they began to paint.

You can see the design begin to emerge and how loose the design is at first. It's an amazing process to see daily as it tightens up and becomes the final product through many layers.

And here's the final product! We've been thrilled to see the community engaging with this mural and with Ben as he was painting. We truly appreciate the support but most importantly, thank  you to Exile for the opportunity and Ben for creating this first mural in the project. We have several more in the works for Spring. Unfortunately, due to weather, we have to take a short painting hiatus but we'll be back at it soon. So in the mean time, if you're local, stop down to see the mural and have a beer at Exile. Also, if you have a wall or are a painter who is interested in completing a mural, please reach out!