Before // TV Room + Inspiration

We've gotten to the point in our remodeling where I am no longer tackling MUST DO situations. Our TV room, for example, is perfectly fine. I've never really been a fan of "fine" though. It had a bit of work done on it in the beginning (we cleaned the carpet, installed the TV above the fireplace, and added the shades) but nothing else was done. We used furniture we already owned from our last place and called it a day. These photos show really how we live. I didn't style anything or mess with lighting--I just went down and took some photos so you can really get a sense of the "before."

The kitchen and eat-in nook looks over the sunken living room and gives this area a great sense of flow. The previous owners converted this space from the old attached garage and I'm so glad that they did. I think we can all agree that we need an L sectional here, right? The space is practically begging for it.

The artwork, if you're wondering, are two vintage Polish movie posters. Our TV room seemed like the only appropriate place for these. My husband is very attached to them but I may try to still style them a bit better for the final design.

This is the view from the kitchen on down. Those awful cords are not typically there but we'd been watching a DVD. I love the fireplace but think that whole area could be dressed up a bit so visually there are not 2 large black holes in the middle of the space. I had previously color-coded our book collection and that will, most likely, stay the same.

My husband loves to sit in this window sill to work. The cushions need to be reupholstered in an updated fabric and I'd love some big pillows that will be comfortable for him to lay back on. I've though over and over again that my inspiration word for this room is "inviting." And here are the images I'm using as inspiration so far.


From my inspiration, aka the photos I've been hoarding on Pinterest, I am going for a very comfortable, relaxed but stylish feel. I want it to be an area where all of the fabrics--the blankets, the rug, the pillows-- are high quality and make me want to stay in on Friday nights because my couch is so wonderful I can't get up. More to come as I begin the updates but in the mean time--any one have a couch they truly love? I haven't found my soulmate couch yet.

p.s. I recently shot some videos with Apartment Therapy and the first one is up! Check it out here.