Color Block Entryway

This is BY FAR one of my favorite projects in our house and it was also the easiest. Plus it just makes me laugh.

A few years ago Nick bought this framed Edward Hopper print from an thrift art sale for $10. He loved it and I felt...lukewarm about it. The only reason is because it's been totally sun-damaged. Those blues are the result of discoloration from direct sunlight. Below is a picture of Nick next to one of the original versions of Early Sunday Morning by Hopper at The Whitney last November.


(Oh, he's going to be so pleased I put this photo in here.) But really--I want you to see how much the sun damages artwork. Our piece looks like it's had eight Instagram filters put on the original piece. So because of that, in my mind, it was the perfect option for a fun trick-of-the-eye paint job.

This is our entryway and the first thing you see when you walk into our house. The walls are rounded because of the turret and I thought doing something fun with paint would help emphasize the the architectural details. We also replaced the older sconces with something a bit more modern from Etsy and I went with white to blend into the top block of color.  

The entryway has issues. The floor tile has cracks and the ceiling needs to be patched, but this little paint trick pretty much keeps people from looking up or down. Most of the time people really love the idea but my very favorite is when people come in and are completely confused by it.

"Did you mean to do that?

Yes, yes I did. 

This summer's project will be to strip off the 80 years of paint off the door back down to the original wood and to fix the other faults in the entryway. It's all about a good first impression. For now though, I am amazed at how much style and energy a little paint and two new fixtures injected into our round room. What do you think about the paint trick? Too crazy or just the right amount?

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