Sofas Given New Life

I get excited about good design. I also get pretty excited by a good deal, so that's why finding furniture on Craigslist has basically become a part-time job for me. I've found gorgeous vintage rugs from the Middle East, the perfect white marble topped dining table for Kate, mid-century furniture, a credenza, and these:

Original Craigslist listing photo.

Original Craigslist listing photo.

What? Not impressed? 

I had been looking for sofas for our living room for weeks and was coming up short.  Originally, I wanted to buy new but had a pretty specific color of blue in mind I'd been planning to carry throughout the house.

The key to Craigslist is looking for great lines. Fabric can be reupholstered so it doesn't matter if it's the ugliest fabric of all time like above. New fabric and paint can change just about anything but it's got to have good lines first. 

I found these couches for $55 total for the pair. I had set up alerts for a few different terms (i.e. Couch, Sofa, Davenport) and received emails each time something new was listed with those keywords. Of course, you are sent a bunch of junk, but this way you see everything available as soon as it is listed. Once these became available, I picked them up that night and took them directly to my upholsterer. 

I then went home and began my massive fabric hunt. I looked high and low for the right fabric for a week. ended up being my jackpot and I founded the prettiest just light blue linen. Armed with a coupon I ended up purchasing about 20 yards of fabric at $10/yard.

My upholsterer also put the original legs back on the sofa and I love the way they look. The re-upholstery was completed for $800 total for the two sofas. All said and done it was right over $1000 to complete the project. Comparatively, the sofas I was originally looking at were 2-3 times that amount so I'm very happy with the cost. It was definitely more effort than just picking one out of a catalogue but I think the end result wins. 

Sources: Fabric | Green pillows | Leopard Pillows | Artwork by Kristi Kohut | Coffee table-vintage

The artwork behind the sofa is new and I'm thrilled with that piece too. More on it soon. 

Do you have any Craigslist hunting tips to share?