A Saturday Update // Living Room

About once a month, I go through a room in our house and do a "Saturday update." These updates often include a big impact in one small area of the room and maybe about $150 for a budget. You saw snippets of the updates in my post about giving our sofas new life.  So here's what our living room looked like Saturday morning:

Obviously that wall behind the sofa was aching for artwork. I knew that was going to make a big difference and I had been searching for the right piece for months. The other item that felt off to me was the coffee table. It's a huge table and the size is right.  The price was also right because my dad had bought it years ago at a garage sale. It's a piece from the 60's and still has the original top and base. The top haa seen better days and was an unusual color, a blue-green, that wasn't wasn't jiving with me.

The installation of the artwork was pretty easy. I had ordered the artwork weeks earlier and I wanted a plexiglass frame that would be modern and go well with the acrylic shelf above the piano. To get a real step-by-step on how to create a frame, take a look at The Hunted Interior's post on making an acrylic frame. I'll just give you the bullet points. I bought a set of these brass bolts on Etsy from Highland Hardware. Then I called Regal Plastics in Des Moines and asked for 2 sheets of acrylic at 48 x 48". I also asked them to drill 4 holes in the corners (I asked for about 2" in) on each acrylic sheet. The total was $80. The artwork I chose was pretty big so coming out at about $130 for the frame was a steal in my mind. Taking it to the framer would have been in the $5-600 range easily. My handy assistants, my dad and husband, helped me put it up. It was not heavy but big and needed extra hands.

The artwork is by Kristi Kohut. She has original artwork and prints and is one of those artists I keep coming back to. I've used her art for clients' projects in the past and had to have one of my own. I saw the piece on Instagram first and knew it was the one. It had just the right amount of color and energy for the space. It makes me happy every time I see it.

Next up was the coffee table. The top was pretty marked up and not the right color for my master plan, but it wasn't in the budget to get a huge piece of marble yet (plus I like the shape.) So, I went online and did some research about instant granite products. These are basically huge adhesive (but removable) sheets that look like marble. In the reviews people had used the peel and stick product on everything from kitchen countertops to fireplaces. This is what I ended up with. I laid out the product to make sure I had enough and then just began peeling off the backing at about 6 inches at a time. Use a squeegee or a book to help smooth out the air bubbles. Because trust me, there will be bubbles. 

I eventually would love to have a piece of white granite or marble cut for the table top in the same shape. In the mean time, this product works pretty well. I ended up trimming around the edges with an Xacto knife and was done with the project in about 30 minutes.

For 2 hours of work, I am really happy with the before and after of this Saturday update.