2nd Floor Bathroom Update

So far this room has been one of our most difficult projects to date. The number one reason is this 2nd floor bathroom has a round wall. It's the 2nd floor of the turret on the front of our house which causes the unusual (but cool) shape.

The runner-up reason is that I decided to start the project 5 days before Christmas and my in-laws were coming to town to stay with us.

You know, like you do.

But first, as always, let's take a look at the before.

Let's start with the things I loved about this room. It's unique. Have you ever been in a round bathroom before? I love the light it gets throughout the day and I loved the white walls because they are really calming and fresh. 

Of course, there were issues though too. The walls were uneven in a lot of places. The tile was rough and was missing a large section next to the vanity. Speaking of the vanity, it had seen better days. Also there were 3 towel bars that were plastered into the wall that were pretty ugly. So after a little demo and the beginning of some plaster repair (there was a huge hole in the wall behind the mirror which was a fun surprise) this is what it looked like.

And it was approximately at this time that I began to panic. 

I called a guy off of Craigslist to help us tile. I am not sure he was totally qualified (shocking) but all of the reputable people were booked or not taking jobs the week before Christmas (again shocking.) So a friend who is in the remodel business came over and gave us pointers, and eased my state of panic. Thank you, Marc. He also loaned us his tile snippers and told us to get to work. After many conversations with a variety of people we decided to tile over the existing tile. It was level, solid, and a decent base for what we were going to put in.

So then we spent many nights like this.

And this. I always had really strange outfits on while tiling. The panic and all of the work must have been making me go crazy.

It was worth it though, in the end, because it ended up like this. The tile came from Home Depot and the vanity and sink were from Craigslist. The tile was probably around $200 after it was all done. For the vanity, a couple had planned to demo their bathroom but then never got around to it. (I don't blame them.) So we bought the set for $400 and this particular model normally retails for about $1000 at Home Depot. I love the sink that sits on top of the counter and the high faucet. It's the small things.

So we got the bathroom phase 1 done in time for our family to stay with us and we had a very happy Christmas. But the bathroom story doesn't end here. The next step will be to somehow, some way, add a shower. We have a shower in our master but I really think a shower needs to be added for guests and future children. The wall is a half-wall, that is rounded at the top. We'll need to tile all the way up the wall but I have not come up with the perfect, genius way to have a shower installed so that it's tall enough for a 6' person.

I am taking suggestions--really, tell me how to do this.

Plus, I am stumped on the window treatment and the artwork. I am actually really enjoying the total whiteness of the room but those bare walls are equally making my skin crawl. I'd love to find something that shows of the round wall well. I've been dragging my feet on a curtain too because I love the light and the view from the window. I don't want to cover any of that up, but of course there's a modesty issue there too. These are the sorts of things that keep me up at night.

If you have ideas on any or all of my conundrums, please leave a comment below! I'll post the final pics when they are ready (and I've finally made up my mind.)