Moving on up: Staircase

Continuing my love affair with all things black, white and light blue, let's take a look at our staircase. First, I think it's helpful to remember what this bad boy looked like when we first moved in. 

Absolutely not the worst thing in the world but I thought it was screaming for some personality. First steps were painting the hallway the prettiest, palest shade of light blue, Sherwin Williams Icicle. Then I wanted to paint the stair steps and the railings black for some high contrast and cohesion with the living room. Which got us to here:

So the staircase was starting to have some personality but it wasn't there yet. This staircase was being too polite still and we needed to give it a couple of shots of tequila to let it loose. It's the first thing you see when you walk into the house and so the impact needs to be big.

And here's where we are today. The runner was created by piecing together several runner rugs from and using a carpet staple gun and carpet tape on the stairs. I also gathered up all of the portraits I could find in our collection and framed them in store-bought frames to create a staggered gallery wall.

The portraits include a set of hand drawn portraits done by the same artist in the 1920's and 30's and these amazing cat portraits which Nick gave me for Christmas. I mean seriously, Cat Stevens has on a crooked bowtie. 

The woman with the turban is absolutely one of my favorites. I just want to know her and know her story and have her teach me how to wear a turban without looking like a crazy person.

And finally I added wallpaper from Target to the back of the bookcases for the final black and white patterned punch. I question what to put in these shelves pretty much daily but right now they keep just small pretties like a butterfly from my grandmother Elizabeth, an antique pocket watch and foreign coins from our travels. 

All in all I'm pleased with how it turned out. The gallery wall is positioned in a way that it can grow as our collection of portraits grows. Without a doubt it's a "more is more" design but the end goal is right on because it makes us happy.

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