Travel Inspiration// NYC

Not to get all complain-y about my totally awesome job but being creative all of the time can be difficult. You want each of your clients to have a great and unique-to-them design but it doesn't work like a factory. Something about the project or something that you have seen needs to inspire you first. Travel has always been the best way to get me out of any rut and my trip to NYC this past weekend was no different. I'm sharing the photos I snapped (on my cell, apologies) throughout the trip that I'll go back to for inspiration. First up, my photos from the Met. 

Thinking of ways to frame a painting or mural above a fireplace like this. 

So many photos of ceilings and floors this trip. All of these gorgeous ornate ceilings are inspiring me to think of ways to get people to look up. Flat ceiling white paint is feeling so boring right now.

The Met is an incredible museum and my favorite part are these period rooms that they recreate. They do it perfectly, whether the ceiling is really low like it would have been in a 1600's home or so opulent and enormous like an 1800's great room would have been. They are great with the details and I couldn't get enough of these rooms. 

Like this recreation of a Frank Lloyd Wright home. Just let me move in. 

I'm also now obsessing over putting a stone in-lay in our dining room under the table. Who needs a rug when you have this gorgeous tile work?

I'm also thinking about ways to hang artwork high and layered like this installation. I want to work with that picture hanging wire for a project.

Then next up was the Armory Show over the weekend. The Armory Show is an international art fair where 200+ galleries show their work. It's amazing and overwhelming all in one. A gallery from Barcelona, Mayoral, recreated Joan Miro's studio to showcase his work. It was the first thing we saw when we walked into the show and it set the bar HIGH. 

And finally, there's really no better way to end a post that consists of some gorgeous ceilings than with the ceiling at the Met Opera in Lincoln Center. The ceiling and chandeliers are unreal. So much inspiration over the past few days. I'll be working like a madwoman for the rest of the week getting my ideas into action.