Let me take you back about two weeks ago. It was a gorgeous, sunny 70 degree day. I wanted to catch up on some magazines and set my heat-deprived, Iowa winter body in the sun and so I thought to myself, "Oh I know! I should go sit on the sun porch!" So I went through the living room, and unlatched the doors and then waaa waaaa (sad trombone noise) I remembered our sun porch looks like this.

Is this the worst thing that has ever happened to design? No.

Is it good? Hell no.

So instead of relaxing and reading magazines, I started a plan for this room. As you can see, on a lovely day we open the french doors to the living room so it's really just an extension of that area. 

First, I'd love to having a swinging porch bench and further extend the black, white, and light blue colors into this room. I'd also love to bring in some greenery and artwork to round out the room. Here are my inspiration photos.

I want it to be comfortable and relaxing which it's just not achieving yet. So, we'll be working over the next couple of weeks to turn our sunroom into the gorgeous, light rooms above instead of our current afterthought. Then you're all invited over for a cocktail on the porch.