Our Past Homes

What's more fun than looking at photos and going down memory lane? Well, I was doing that this weekend with photos of our past homes, ya know, like normal people do. It's interesting because I've always loved design and been proud of our homes, but I cringed a bit when seeing these photos. I remember thinking that these places looked pretty good, but now I am surprised with how little polish some of these images have.

It's most interesting to me to see how some of the same furniture and art has stayed with us throughout the years and evolved with our style. We lived in this loft in downtown Des Moines from 2011-2014. I loved this place. It was bright and airy and had floor to ceiling windows on two of the walls. 

First loft photos by Adrienne Gross.

First loft photos by Adrienne Gross.

If you've been to our home, or regularly read the blog, you'll recognize some of these pieces. The couch and chairs are in our tv room and the rug is in our formal living room now. I really loved the DIY coffee table with large books as the legs and a piece of glass as the table top. I also miss that bubble chandelier. It's just waiting in a box in the basement for a good place to put it.

We're major book lovers but man this looks crazy messy to me now. We put the books away when night when we moved in and then I felt strongly that they needed to be arranged by color so we took them all out and rearranged. I think Nick was questioning life choices at that moment.

Our entryway. Recognize the now painted museum poster and coat tree?

Our gorgeous walnut table in its first home. My dad and I made that light fixture by tying some paper lantern lights around a metal rod and the chalk board out of mdf, paint, and chair rail. 

And our bedroom. Any excuse to put a cat photo on the blog. Man our landlord was not thrilled about those black and white stripes. Whoops...

And then we had to move about 10 blocks west downtown to new a loft.

I loved this place too. Another wall of huge windows, big open space, tons of light. I also feel like my style was becoming a bit more refined and streamlined. Definitely headed more towards mid-century mod. I used the same couches but purchased the wood chairs and the record player cabinet from a furniture dealer through Facebook. 

Photo by Karla Conrad.

Photo by Karla Conrad.

Watch for these items as you see our new house in future posts. I've worked on plans for each room that incorporates items we have love and lived with and then transitioning out items that we have outgrown. It takes a while, I've found, to work out your own style as you start to have places of your own. I've even noticed a big difference between renting and owning in my own style. Something feels more permanent,  you know? 

Have you noticed major changes in your own style over the past few years? Any tips on transitioning your style to a more mature one?