A Saturday Update // Our bedroom

I do these things about once a month that I call "A Saturday Update." While it sometimes includes an item or two purchased beforehand, the update is relatively easy and can be done in a few hours on a Saturday. You can see the last one I did here

This update was all about our bedroom. This room is one where we spend a lot of time but wasn't really as relaxing as I'd hoped for. I have been slowly but surely purchasing items for the room. Side tables one month, a bureau the next month, a bench the following month. You get the idea. It was totally workable but not stylish. And when things are either messy or not complete (in my eyes) then they are stressful to me. So let's take a look at what we were working with:

The bed was a gift from my parents. It's gorgeous and they weren't using it, so it's now ours and I love it. The lamps are a recent purchased from Target and I also love them. So the basics were there which means the space just needed some szhuzing. Of course, on a budget.

So what did I do? First, new curtains. I had ordered them from CB2 prior. We installed curtain rods and had them up in about 20 minutes. Next, were a couple of pieces of art that I had in my office storage. We'd had them up previously in our last loft and they just hadn't found a home yet. And finally, a new blanket (also from Target (similar here)) and a dye job to our current pillows brought me here:

A quick-ish word on the dye job for the pillows. I wanted to carry over that shibori/tie-dye technique into the pillows from the curtains. I had just been to a class with Annie Sloan where she was showing us some awesome and unexpected ways to use the paint. For those that don't know, Annie Sloan paint is amazing and can go on anything. (In Des Moines, you can get it at TLC Vintage on Hickman) It's a great way to paint fabric on a chair or onto varnished wood, or even metal. Their slogan is "paint everything" and it's because you can seriously paint anything where normal paint wouldn't stick. You can add some of the paint to water and it dyes the fabric within seconds. The longer you keep it in, the deeper it gets.

I took the large pillowcases off of the inserts and randomly folded them and tied them each so that the dye would be inconsistent around the pillow. I added a couple of tablespoons of the Aubusson blue to a mixing bowl with water and let them sit randomly in the bowl for about 45 minutes. I loved working with it because it dye my manicure along with the fabric.

After the soak, I let them air dry for about an hour and then put them in the dryer for 20 minutes. Heat is what sets the paint if you ever want to dye with Annie Sloan paints. It should be said that you can dye a fabric really consistently throughout the fabric if you use a fully submerged technique. That's just not what I wanted for this project.  

But as always, I have found that anytime I make an area better, I am just making a prettier large cat bed for Nellie Purrtado and Cat Stevens.

Thanks to Annie Sloan and TLC Vintage for the class and paint!