After // Sunroom

What feels better than a completed project? A couple of months ago I walked into our side porch and thought, this could be such a lovely room and yet it looked like this... It was lackluster to me to say the least. I had a vision where we could sit and read or bring in friends when the weather is great. But mostly, my vision centered around that porch swing. 

Oh that porch swing. It's one of my favorite things in the house now. My dad built it for us when I couldn't find anything that I loved. As with all of our projects, we collaborated on where it would go and how it should look. I love the white chain we found at the local hardware store because it looks like the bench is floating almost.

The wicker chair was a Nick find for $5 at an estate sale. I've left it in all of its white-worn down-goodness. It was the one thing he requested to stay in the room design.

The globe has traveled from apartment to apartment with us. It's a 1920's globe that was used in a one-room schoolhouse. It hangs like that because it was placed on a rope that was strung across the schoolhouse. Depending on what grade level needed the globe, they could move it across the rope and get it to the students. I found it a few years ago on Craigslist when I was looking for something else and couldn't pass it up.

In the morning now, I love walking past the open porch doors and seeing the light pour in. The room actually makes me so happy now. I sit in there after workouts in the morning, Nick loves to stretch out on the porch swing and read The New Yorker, and it's perfect to sit out and have a "tell me about your day" talk in the evenings.

But like every other project I have ever done. I've really just created another giant, expensive cat bed. 

Sources: Pillows and Poof from Target. Cushions from Pier One last season. Rug from HomeGoods. Vintage Globe. Vintage chair. Handmade bench and porch swing.