After // Back Deck

Just in time for the weather to change, I am sharing our favorite spot from this summer. Our back patio was a major selling point for this house for us. We don't have a backyard but we do have this wonderful little deck and driveway tucked behind the house. It feels so private and like our own special tree covered hideaway. 

The shape is a bit odd though, almost like a curved pie piece, so it took a bit for me for to figure out the right set up. Our first action of business was painting the deck because the wood needs to be protected and redone. Actually our real first action of business was fixing a small sagging part in the deck which included Nick and our fathers ripping up a few boards, using a jack hammer to lift the area up and then putting support underneath the deck. So yes, after that little adventure was complete, we painted the deck. 

Next included having a table and bench made by a guy I found on Craigslist. (Yes, I am on that site about every other day.) I positioned the table along the built in seating on the deck to utilize that a bit. We also put together a nice little seating arrangement by buying the floor model of some Pier 1 outdoor furniture. Buying the floor model can be a great way to buy nice furniture on a budget. But of course, after I put the arrangement together, there was a big blank wall above the love seat and you all know how I feel about those. #NoMoreBlankWalls

I searched for a while and finally a nice big piece for $20 at the local Goodwill. It is on canvas and has a wooden frame around it. I sprayed the entire piece front and back with Rustoleum's Never Wet. It helps repel water and doesn't let the piece be affected by the elements. I do plan to take it down over the winter though.

And of course, my favorite addition to the back porch is our string lights. We used these lights that we found on Amazon. I exchanged a couple of emails with the company asking questions and they were very helpful. I'd highly recommend them.

At night the back deck turns into this amazing little wonderland due to comfy furniture, lots of places to sit with friends, and a little romantic lighting. And finally, the week of my birthday, I decided that a little wallpaper project would be a good idea. I found this blue, navy, and silver wallpaper for our back entry on Wayfair. I smile the whole way into the house as I walk in from the garage now. 

Are you all working on any projects before the weather turns? I may have a project or two up my sleeve still but then will be turning my focus back to inside the house soon.