Currently Feeling // Flamingos


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Every week or two, I'll be putting together a few pieces that I'm "currently feeling". I actually laughed out loud when I was writing the heading that I was currently feeling flamingos. I wish I were hanging out and touching a bunch of flamingos (they're pretty much the only bird that doesn't creep me out) but alas I am just "feeling them" in the metaphorical sense. 

So, yes, flamingos. They're typically thought of as a summery print but I love how bright and vibrant these prints are and think they could add a bit of warmth in your home all year long. There's a few different price points here too. Gray Malin's flamingo photo is so good but if it's too pricey, consider the other 3 prints here. I love that they are really modern looking but could give an eclectic flair to a more traditional home.