A Couple of Announcements

First, I'm revamping my YouTube page so it can be a better resource for all things designing with art and DIY. Here's my first video re-introducing the site. Please subscribe to the YouTube page and you'll get updates when new videos are up!

Catch that second announcement? Nick and I are thrilled that we are expecting a baby boy in March. I'm 22 weeks along and we are all of the emotions--overjoyed, anxious, proud, nervous, on and on and on.

 My latest bump pic.

My latest bump pic.

This was a happy and difficult post to write for me. I'm an open book online about my home, my travels, and my business. On a day-to-day basis you can see what I'm up to on Instagram Stories or have an entire layout of my house if you were really crafty, but this was different. It was special to have to just to ourselves for a little while. 

There was also the knowledge that it could go away at any point early on. We lost our first pregnancy in March of this year. It was sad and traumatic and isolating. We got through it together and we're stronger for it. I tell you this not for sympathy but to give you the full story. And in the last 8 months, I have relied on women who have been through it too. So i tell you, because if it has happened to you, or will happen to you-- you are not alone. Reading and hearing the success stories of other women always made me feel better. Good things will happen, and happiness will come back to you. Our due date with our son is one year to the day, I miscarried. It's incredible what can happen in a year.


This is our sweet son. The photo is dog-eared from my carrying it around and showing anyone who will stand still long enough for me to shove in their face. I can only imagine my obnoxious levels of photo taking and sharing once he is here.


And here's his room. This is a design blog, after all. This room is made to be a nursery and I'm finishing up the design this week. It's a room filled with light and feels happy as soon as you enter. As he's currently kicking me, I'm imagining him playing and running around this room, coming across the hall to our room when he wakes up and carrying him back to bed the short few steps once he's back to sleep. It will be a wonderful place for him.

Thank you to our friends and family who have supported us throughout this process. 2017 has been a YEAR. I am so looking forward to all of the wonderful things happening in 2018 but let's finish this year out strong with some videos, some nursery updates, and a holiday season while pregnant (no diets, so all the cookies).