Progress Report // Details around the house

Whoa, long time no see, friends. My last post from a couple of months ago mentioned a new office, which is where I am currently writing to you from. We've shared some photos of the space on the Adore Your Walls blog recently and we did our first Facebook live tour on our page. We have some exciting new projects we hope to share with you in the next day or two but in the mean time, I have been prepping for a photo shoot at our house next week. I've been working hard to have everything ready in time. While I can't share all of the projects yet, I wanted to show you some details of items around our home that have been recently added. I'm being a major tease with some of these shots but it's better than nothing, right?!

Liz Lidgett curtains

These curtains are to die for. I really went back and forth on whether or not to add anything because the windows are gorgeous but now I am obsessed. Ellie Cashman is my design hero.

Found Things here in Des Moines has been my go-to over the last several weeks. This pretty little plant stand was $15 and has given me a chance to add some more greenery to the house. Fingers crossed I can keep this plant alive for the next 3 days. (I wish I were kidding).

Also thanks to Found Things, more and more very necessary small brass objects keep popping up around our home.

Our porch is becoming the dreamiest little room in the house. Finally we can have the doors open again and start spending more time on our beloved swinging bench.

This Interior Define couch has changed how we use this room. It's the perfect cuddle couch while also being really beautiful. The brass legs are my absolute favorite. The new artwork was an $8 DIY project where I found some old letters to my grandparents, scanned them, and had them printed at Staples as an Engineer print. Cheap but meaningful.

When you think about your home design as much as I do, you get pretty excited about little moments like these. This Target side table was $70 and pairs perfectly with my favorite red CB2 chairs that were a wedding present. 

I'm off to find the perfect piece of artwork (hopefully vintage) for the last spot in our dining room. Nothing like a deadline to get everything off of your list.