Our TV Room Makeover

Liz Lidgett TV Room

Our television room was one of the long neglected spaces in our home. It was in just good enough condition that it really wasn't touched much for the last year and a half. It wasn't high on style but it wasn't an eye sore either. It's also one of the best features of our house. It's open to the kitchen, and sunken down a bit so it feels really cozy. 

After being neglected for so long, I just felt like it truly wasn't working anymore. I wanted it to be stylish so I would stop thinking about all the changes I would make to the room every time I went in it. (Strangely, a problem Nick didn't have too.) We also wanted an L sectional so Nick and I could lay together and watch movies, and I really wanted an ottoman so we could both stretch out. Basically, our setup wasn't allowing me to be as lazy and relaxed as I truly wanted. #firstworldproblems 

So the first step was the sofa. I looked and looked and finally came across this blue velvet dream at Interior Define. I was completely sold on the color, material, shape, and those beautiful brass legs. Truth be told,  yes, I was a little worried about buying a sofa without having sat on it first. But, I read reviews and was completely sold on their stellar customer service. It was an awesome experience from beginning to end. Plus white glove delivery, hallelujah. 

Interior Define Sofa Liz Lidgett

The artwork around the room are scans of letters I found in a desk at my parent's. Two of them around from the mid-1800's that had been sent to ancestors, and one is from the 1960's addressed to my grandparents. I sent the scans to Staples and had engineer prints made of them. It was a really simple and inexpensive DIY. I love the idea of scanning everyday objects like playing cards or letters and turning them into wall decor. 

Also you can see just a hint of our new rug from RugsUSA. It was 90% off, people. Crazy soft and adds to my collection of blue patterns in the room.

The ottoman was this cool upholstered piece I found on Craigslist. The leather that was originally on it was a bit beat up so I purchased a rug and did a simple upholstery job (no sewing!) with some strategic folds and staples.

The TV is such a necessary evil in my eyes.  The one thing we did, right when we moved in though, was to have it mounted on the fireplace. I would love for a piece of artwork to go there, and maybe someday we'll do a DIY for it, but in the mean time, I've decorated the shelves on either side of the fireplace and just hope that your goes there instead of the black boxes in the middle.

The window seats are so, so lovely. Nick loves to sit in them and read or work on the computer. The shades were all new from Overstock.com and the chairs were a wedding gift from CB2. Those windows just make the room so sunny and happy.

As with pretty much every project I do, I feel happy and satisfied and then realize I just made another expensive cat bed for these two. Nelly Purrtado (top) and Cat Stevens (lower) have been spending a lot of time in here with us. (Truly there must be some universal blogging law that if you want to take a photo of something then your cat will end up deciding that's the exact place they want to lay.)

We love the makeover and we hang out in the room so much more now. It's just a testament to how a good design can really change how you use a space.