Landscaping with Earl May - Before

Most times when there is a project to tackle around the house, I think to myself "well I can do that." I've watched many a Youtube video to learn how to tile or fix a sink. But for some reason, gardening has always been my Achilles heel. I'm not confident keeping plants alive and I have major trouble even picking out the plant in the first place.

When it was time to finally give my house a little more curb appeal and landscaping, I did like any good Iowa homeowner would do: I called Earl May Nursery & Garden Centers. I figure, every once in a while, it's good to concede I'm not always the expert and head to someone who knows what they are talking about. But first, you need to see what I've been dealing with.

This is what the house looked like when we moved in almost two years ago. No landscaping and the steps were crumbling. Our plan from day one has been to paint the house (bye bye, blue), replace the stairs and walkway, and add landscaping. The stairs and walkway had to come first. Truly, I was worried every time someone would walk up them to the front door. Once that was completed last fall, we knew we could start with landscaping next. Painting the house will be a big ticket item so we're saving our pennies for that to finally happen. So this is what the house looked like last week:

It was better but rough. (Also, I hate that squiggles that fall from our trees in the spring.) We had planted some hydrangeas last spring but they were not cutting it. I brought these photos, plus measurements and a few inspiration photos from Better Homes and Gardens. 

 Better Homes and Gardens garden plan

Better Homes and Gardens garden plan

I went through Pinterest about 1,000 times to look at all forms and shapes of gardens but I kept coming back to these images. A little bit English garden, non-symmetrical, and with varying heights and colors.

So in I walked with my pictures and inspiration to this magic wonderland. If left to my own accord, I would have picked one of everything. I was like a kind in a candy store. Luckily, I was able to work with the Earl May landscape team to set everything up.

Later this week I'll share how we selected the plants, what we chose, and the after images. We're thrilled with the transformation and can't wait to see it continue to grow each year. I think I may just become a gardener after all.

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