Landscaping with Earl May- After

When we left off on the before post on this project, I had been talking about making my front yard into a beautiful English garden--Also, the fact that I am not a gardener and need low maintenance plants and that I need major assistance. So I went to my friends at Earl May to help me.

I walked around the gorgeous nursery with a garden expert for about a half hour to talk about possible ideas. We talked about maintenance, budget, color, and flower-type. One of the great things about Earl May, is that they carry plants for our zone, not just a generic plant that they sell to anyone across the United States. A plant that prospers in California will not always do well in Iowa. So I felt assured that these plants would love living in our yard.

After we were done with the walk through we began to set up the plants like they would be in my front lawn.

For budget purposes, we incorporated the hydrangea bushes that I had planted last summer, so we used stand-ins for spacing. This technique was so simple, but really helpful to think about how many plants we would need for the space. We also incorporated enough space for the plants to grow over the next few years. 

So I loaded up my cart and went back home know where each plant would need to be placed. It felt like the greatest assisted DIY project I have ever done because I went home with the confidence I could do it and I now have the pride of knowing we were able to it when I look at my yard. The purple vine flowers are called Clematis and I have a vision of them going up our chimney.

So what does it look like now? Well. I'm obsessed. I have a new sense of pride in my front lawn for the first time in..well...ever.  The previous owners had done little to no landscaping which gave us a blank slate.  This lavender now lines our front walkway and I am dreaming of how it will continue to grow and spread in the next few years. The scent is also unreal as you walk up to our door.

The two flower beds under our windows were divided out by plants that love sun and those that just like it depending on the amount of sun that side gets during the day. The flowers look put together and truly beautiful.

The other side has plants that truly love sun, like roses.

We ended up with a mixture of several different plants. Giving it the varied and nonlinear look I was hoping for. Along the walkway are alternating lavender and ajuga. On the right side we chose some boxwoods, clematis, coral bells, columbines and hydrangeas. On the left we chose yellow brick roses (they look like buttered popcorn to me and I love them), catmint for the front of the bed, and salvia. As I mentioned all of these flowers will end up growing and taking much more room so we gave them their room now and spaced them out accordingly. To finish it all off we chose some black mulch to make all of the colors pop. 

So finally, here's the cost breakdown. We didn't have a huge budget for landscaping which is why we wanted to do it DIY as much as possible. The cost estimates were in the multiple thousands to have a team come in and spruce up our beds. The plans alone were $1500 minimum with a landscape designer. With Earl May, I was able to just bring in photos of our home and they walked me through everything for free. At the end of the project, the cost of the flowers and trellis were $801.50 and the mulch for 30 bags was $112.50 for a grand total of $914. We saved thousands doing it this way and I feel so proud of ourselves for working on our garden. A price well worth it.

This was a sponsored post. Thank you for supporting the brands, like Earl May, that support this blog and my company.