A Design for Our Baby Boy's Nursery


Once I got past the 20 week halfway point of the pregnancy I started to dream about the nursery design. Of course, I have had a Pinterest board gathering ideas for years and early on I found this image of Rachel Comey's flagship store dressing room. 


I loved the unusual color combination and thought the gray, blue, and yellow were so good together. The pink would be a perfect pop if we were having a girl, but substituting a light blue would work well for a boy. From this image I started to begin a design board where I could see how things actually fit together. 


                                                   Rug (similar) / Crib/ Glider/ Curtains

This is a simple beginning but I wanted to put major pieces together to help me visualize the space. The mustard yellow velvet curtains were the first purchase. Next we worked with Babyletto to find the perfect crib and glider which are the two most important (and most used) items in the nursery. More on that to come. Finally, the cloud wallpaper on the ceiling was my whimsical touch. I don't think that nurseries need to have a theme, I believe kid's rooms can blend perfectly into your own. However, I love adding just one particular element of whimsy that takes it to a space a child would love. I picture our baby boy staring up at those clouds a lot these days.


And here's a sneak peek at what we have so far. Of course, any room in our house will have quite a bit of artwork. The rug and the wallpaper play so well together and I love the pop of yellow from the curtains. My most beloved piece in the room though is our rocking giraffe.


My father makes a piece of decor for each of his grandkid's nurseries. After some thinking, I decided that our boy really needed a rocking giraffe for his room. Isn't he adorable? It was a Christmas present and I love the design he put together. It's just so, so special.


Next steps are rounding out our last items and styling out the room. I totally recognize that any styling that happens in this room will last for approximately .2 seconds once he is here, but I love it in the mean time. Can't wait to share the final pictures. While I'm working on this, is there anything I am missing? Any item you loved having in your child's nursery? First time mom here, looking for items that will make my child sleep!