Our Do It Yourself Magazine Feature!

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 3.33.48 PM.png

Last March we had the wonderful experience of working with Do It Yourself Magazine to feature our home. It can be a bit scary to welcome a publication into your space and share it with the world. I am so pleased with how the photos turned out and the entire spread. A huge thank you to editors Brian Kramer, Natalie Dayton, and Jessica Eno. All photos are by the super talented Jay Wilde. These are some of the out-takes so you'll have to check out the magazine to see the full story.


Obviously, my waist line is a little different these days but it's nice to remember when I could fit into dresses like this! (I will again, right? Right!?)


And I am loving looking at these photos of the Spring sun coming in and all of the flowers in the house. 


I'm also working on a post to show how things have changed in the last year or so. It's one of those fun things that design people like to do--switch things up when there's nothing wrong in the first place. I really did love this iteration though and I'm proud of all the things we made and thrifted to get it to this point.


I just love this shot. All of the color's from the Kristi Kohut piece are just awesome together. 

So! Go out and get the magazine or check out BHG.com/DIY--you can get subscriptions or single issues there (including Spring 2018), plus finding so many fun projects on there.

Thanks, DIY Magazine for the amazing feature. I'm so proud of our work together!