The Nursery Reveal!

Baby Boy Nursery Reveal
 All photos by Rick Lozier. 

All photos by Rick Lozier. 

I keep telling the babe child that his room is all ready so he can come out now but he has yet to find it an enticing enough offer. I'm wrapping up final projects and handing things over to my very capable team this week. On the home side though, we are all set with bags packed and the car seat installed. So, let me show you his room while I distract myself from how uncomfortably pregnant I am. 


I'm so proud how this room turned out. It fits well with the rest of our home but feels like it's still made for a child. We didn't want a "themed room" for him but there were also some items that were really important for me to have--art, of course, being at the top of the list. A wonderful crib and glider were also so important because of how much time he/we will use those items. After I put together the crib, so many friends reached out to say that they too have a Babyletto crib and adore it. The glider is so comfortable and is also by Babyletto. Mom's have opinions, I am quickly finding out, and I didn't hear a bad one about this set. I also turned to my insta friends about which mattress to go with--after hearing about many we decided to go with Naturepedic. More on this later but we're trying to go as chemical-free for him as possible, and Moms have been loving this mattress too.


So back to the art, it was important for me to have meaning in all of the items we put on to the wall. The ship, for example, is a photo of the ship Nick's family came over on from Poland in the late 1800's. We also have photographs of where Nick and I met, went to college, and got married to show the babe his family history. 


Another very important item was this rocking giraffe. My dad made it for the baby, as he has made something for each of his grandkid's nurseries. He had previously created an enormous rocking horse for my parents' home that I love. I asked for a few tweaks, like the size and the animal and he designed and made this for him. I adore it.


The built-ins are one of the stars of the room. I believe they are original to the house and have made storage for all his little things so handy. Also, this kid pretty much has no choice in loving art thanks to all of the wonderful figurines and books my friends have given him. That little Frieda Kahlo just kills me. 


My dad and I also created the bookends for the shelves. Just a couple of pieces of wood painted navy and plastic animal figurines painted all yellow and we were set. It was an easy project but adds some nice color to match the curtains throughout the shelves. Another element to this room I love is the split door. This room was made to be a nursery and I'm so excited to have him in it. I hope he loves and feels loved in this space. It's all for him.


I've gathered all of the sources for the main items in the room for you. Thank you to everyone who has supported us during this whole project. I just can't wait to have him here. 


Hudson Babyletto Crib c/o Babyletto // Bento Glider c/o Babyletto/ Naturepedic Mattress c/o Naturepedic // Lamp// Wallpaper // Rug // Sheep Ottoman // Monogrammed Blanket // Mobile // Cat print