Keeping It "Clean" for Rocky


Over the past 10 weeks I have been learning how to "Mom." Rocky is pretty patient with his amateur parents and I am eternally grateful. I am beginning to understand that so many things are out of my control and that most days if I've done my best then things are pretty good. I'm trying to reject "Mom Guilt" knowing that so far, my kid is turning out alright. But I've also learned there are a few things I can have in my control, like using chemical-free or organic, whenever possible. I'm no super mom, but there have been a few easy choices.

 Photo by Rick Lozier.

Photo by Rick Lozier.

I did a big poll on Instagram when we were getting Rocky's room ready about everyone's favorite natural products. A huge response came back for Naturepedic mattresses. After about the 10th suggestion for them, I had to check it out. Turns out pretty nasty stuff is used to make regular mattresses, Naturepedic uses non-toxic materials to create organic mattresses. We ended up using the Changing pad and cover, and crib mattress for his room.


Just take his smiles as all the review you need. But truly, we're really happy with their products over the last 2 months. The pad and cover have been awesome because they instantly made a piece of furniture we already owned into a changing table without having to buy a changing table.


Rocky only takes naps in here so far but sleeps really well in the crib on this mattress. I am pretty pumped because we got a convertible crib and the mattress is meant for him both as an infant and a toddler. One side of the mattress is for infants and is firmer, the other side, when flipped is for toddlers and a bit softer. Non-toxic and will last us a few years? I'm sold. The only problem is that he totally sleeps on a nicer mattress than we do now.


I mean, seriously, what mattress looks just as nice without the sheets? Like I said, I'm all in with these guys.

I'm also using a few other products to keep it clean for Rocky. I'm loving everything Norwex around our house. The baby cloths are incredible. We use them at every bath. No soap needed. We also use them for all cleaning around the kitchen too so our countertops aren't covered in cleaning chemicals. I've also been using the diaper rash cream from Beauty Counter. They have a whole kids line that I am excited to use more of.

I'm not going above and beyond, I'm just making some simple purchases here and there to make sure his environment is as clean and toxic-free as I can. 

This post was sponsored by Naturepedic. Thanks for being an amazing partner. All opinions are my own.