A bit of progress

There are times lately when I look around our house and all I see are half-done projects. It's got to be a normal feeling in the progression of a fixer-upper but we've lost steam in our energy. When we first moved into the house, we would work every single night until midnight. We were constantly covered in paint and we had drive to just keep going. Now people ask me, "So do you feel like you're done now?" and I want to straight up laugh in their faces. No, I really don't feel like we are done. But to act like we haven't made any progress lately wouldn't be fair.

You may recall the post where I posted the Before photos of our sunroom. It's slowly but surely coming along and my dad built a hanging bench for the room. It has quickly become one of my favorite places in the house. On a warm evening it's been lovely to just swing and chat with Nick. Nick especially loves it on the weekends and stretches out to read The New Yorker.

We gave the kitchen a facelift with new painted cabinets and adding cabinet pulls. We had updated some of the appliances (still looking for the perfect matching double oven) at the end of last year and are thrilled with how updating the kitchen has created a new room without a full-on remodel. 

And finally we did our first bit of landscaping. Hostas and mulch now surround all of our big beautiful trees and hydrangea bushes were planted along the front of the house. I have dreams of these bushes growing nice and tall along the front of the house. My sister Alex has a major green thumb and landscaping experience so she was actually the brains behind the operation.

Writing through some of our small progress has actually made me feel a bit better about our house of half-done projects. Part of the reason they are half-done though is because we decided about six weeks ago to go on a 10-day trip to Europe. We just got back late last night (if you follow me on Instagram, you'll know it was touch and go on if I'd come back or not--I was making life plans based on ice cream) and I'm ready to start tackling more. My bank account needs a rest though after that trip, so who's ready for some major budget DIY projects? I have a chandelier calling my name...